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2yr old bulls Developed on Forage Only!

Our entire breeding program is built upon low input production. We like to think that we are as tough as or even tougher on our cows than our commercial customers are on theirs.

For 20 years we have selected for functionality and efficiency while achieving optimal production. Maximizing production comes at an unnecessary cost to producing quality beef. Cattle are moderate framed with emphasis placed on problem free calving.

To be low input we have focused on being in step with Mother Nature. Calving commences late April early May for 45 days. Mother cows nurse their calves for 10 months while winter grazing and maintain body condition.

At weaning (late Feb) calves are put on high quality forage until the grass season when they are rotationally grazed for the summer, then again high quality forage to take them to their second birthday. We choose to sell only 2 yr old bulls that have been grown this way to insure their hardiness & longevity. Two year old forage developed bulls will breed more cows for more years than grain developed bulls!


  1. Brian

    In the opening remarks under “Our Operation is says that we try to graze 10 cow calf pairs/acre/day. Well 2014 was the beginning of a new era for us under high stock density grazing. We grazed each day with a mob of 47 pairs and a few yearlings or over 71000lbs. This mob grazed one ace each day. Cattle must be moved to new grass daily and is done with temporary fencing and automatic timers open the gates. We doubled grass capacity and raised more lbs of beef on the same land base. A positive in anyone’s book.

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