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Brief History:

ln 1960 when D. McQ. Shaver Beef Breeding Farms Ltd. began developing a composite breed of beef cattle, they concentrated on selecting for genetic traits of high economic value. SHAVER BEEFBLEND is the result of more than 40 years of research and development. As a composite beef breed, SHAVER BEEFBLEND combines the genes of nine pure breeds to give today’s commercial cattlemen a stable product that will offer the following benefits: calving ease, early sexual maturity, high fertility, rapid growth rate, feed efficiency and early finishing capabilities.

Shaver Beefblend – The Balanced Breed

The SHAVER BEEFBLEND mother is moderate in size and thus economical to maintain. Heavy cow weights increase daily maintenance requirements. Also, Shaver’s higher calf-crop-percentage-weaned contributes to increased economic return.

We emphasize early sexual maturity. lt is known that heifers sired by bulls of breeds with large mature size, tend to be older at puberty. We have selected for calving ease for all the obvious reasons, but also for optimum rebreeding performance.

The Shaver Beefblend breeding program embraces the logical pursuit of excellence by emphasizing factors that affect overall economic performance. These factors include fertility, calving ease and mothering abilities, docility and easy doers, gain and conformation.

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2yr old bulls Developed on Forage Only!

Our entire breeding program is built upon low input production. We like to think that we are as tough as or even tougher on our cows than our commercial customers are on theirs. For 20 years we have selected for functionality and efficiency while achieving optimal production. Maximizing production comes at an unnecessary cost to READ MORE

  • Top grading carcasses that finish for market in record time and,
  • Female progeny that generation after generation will continue to upgrade the economic performance of your herd.

The Circle H Farms Family:
Brian, Sonja, Thomas and Kristelle Harper